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For those who use Mr Chips chips in their business, please refer to our Chip Frying Guide and Top 10 Chip Tips for the most consistent and top-quality product. Please feel free to download these and pass on to your staff.

Mr Chips Product Catalogue 2016-2017:
Mr Chips Chip Frying Guide:
/site/mrchips/files/Mr Chips Chip Frying Guide.pdf

Mr Chips Top 10 Chip Tips:
/site/mrchips/files/Top 10 Chip Tips.pdf

Our biggest suppliers (and owners of Mr Chips) the Balle Brothers really know their potatoes. For some great info on potatoes and different varieties, please see the link below:

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Mr Chips is a proud supporter of The Chip Group - Helping You Make Better Chips. For more great tips on cooking chips, extra resources, using The Chip Group logo and heaps more information, please see link below to The Chip Group website:

Mr Chips Kumara Chips are famous in New Zealand for their amazing taste - but did you know that Kumara are naturally low in fat, sodium, cholesterol-free, high in fibre and are a great source of vitamins and nutrients? Just google 'Kumara' and you'll find a whole lot of information on this nutritious sweet potato.

Most New Zealanders get around 30% of their Vitamin C requirement from Potatoes.
For more facts and heaps of information on the various benefits of eating potatoes, visit www.potatoesnz.co.nz